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Roof Replacement And Roof Repair Design 

The Process

Reinspect the existing roofs to gather design data.

Review any existing construction drawings and other information available regarding the building and roof construction.

Review the following information with the Owner's Project Manager:

  1. Options for the new roof system(s)

  2. Tapered roof insulation layouts where applicable

  3. Our recommendations for items to be included in the Project “Scope of Work”

  4. Items to be included in the “Special Conditions” Section of the Bid Documents (i.e work hours, noise and odor considerations, roof access, staging area(s), etc.)

  5. Our estimated Contractor costs to complete the Project

  6. A list of Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors who we feel are best qualified to coordinate and complete the Project

Preparation of Final Bid Documents 

The Documents will include:

  1. A Project Manual consisting of:  

    • An Invitation to Bid

    •  Bid Proposal Format

    • General and Special Conditions as required by the Owner

    • Technical Material and  Installation Specifications

  2. A Detailed Roof Plan Drawing

  3. Installation details for the new roof system specified

  4. Details as required for other items included in the Project “Scope of Work”

Conduct a Pre-Bid meeting with the Contractors.

Address any questions which may arise during the Bid process

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