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Non-Destructive Moisture Surveys

Infrared Thermographic or Nuclear Moisture Surveys of existing or new roof installations to determine the scope and degree of moisture within the roof assembly.

When to do a Non-Destructive Moisture Survey:

  1. Prior to Final Acceptance and Payment for a new roofing system

  2. Before the warranty expires

  3. Before acquiring real estate

  4. Before re-roofing over an existing roof assembly

  5. For early detection of problems in order to minimize long term repair costs

  6. Before preparing your budget request for roof repairs

  7. Whenever leaks occur

The Process 

Conduct an Infrared Thermographic Scan or Nuclear Moisture Surveys and provide a report consisting of the following:

  1. An explanation as to how the procedure works

  2. A list of the existing roof composition(s)

  3. Thermographic Images

  4. Summary of Roof Square Footage

  5. Summary of Findings

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