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Contract Administration

The Process

  • Attend and document the proceedings of a Pre-construction meeting with building personnel, the successful Contractor, and the Project Manager

  • Review and approve the Contractor’s submittals for items listed in the Bid Document

  • As work progresses on the Project, visit the Project Site to observe and document the work being performed by the Contractor

  • Verify and approve the Contractor’s Applications for Payment.

  • Conduct an RSC Final Roof Inspection.  Submit a "punch list" of items requiring attention to the Contractor and the Project Manager

  • Reinspect the roof after the “punch list” items have been completed

  • Accompany the Roofing Material Manufacturer’s Technical Representative during the “Inspection for Warranty” on the new roof

  • Organize and submit to the Project Manager, the Manufacturer and Contractor Warranties and other Documents specified in the Bid Documents

  • Organize and input pertinent roof related information into the Roof Management Program Database

  • Recommend final payment to the Contractor

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